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Petanque Maniacと言うセクションを新たに開設しました。 先ずは『ペタンクな靴』をお楽しみください [...]

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今朝は雲一つない晴天! 初夏の香りプンプンのビーチで、ペタンクの朝練は本当に気分がイイ。 There was [...]

12/23(祝)午前中、湘南ひらつかビーチパークにて、『ペタンク体験会』を開催します。 どなたでも参加可能です [...]

/ Petanque Seminar

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I found out that there would be a petanque seminar given by 3 French players who swept the Japan Open for Shooting, Doublet and Triplet in Kyoto! I jumped onto the opportunity.There is a movie: please click “read more…”.

/ Sakado Women’s Tournament

ACE has teamed up with Suwa’s Hiraide and competed in Sakado Women’s Tourny. Unfortunately, the team became in 2nd place and ACE could not defend the chapionship.

5/8 Tokyo Petanque League vsMS

Mon Soleil1-7
With the match against Eastern Japan’s strongest club, we had clear object to have good games as giving our best fight back. However the result was 1-7 desasterous lose.

Petanque in Golden Week

We enjoyed spending our holiday playing petanque.


5 members of HBP has participated in 4/29 Yumenoshima Single Tournament. 2 went up for final tournament and Sima has become 3rd place, Publisher became 2nd place. It was good day for HBP.


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